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        Your favorite photos deserve to be displayed in a way that's as unique and special as the memories they hold. Turn your most cherished moments and create custom photo tiles that look great in any space. Printed on stunning, lightweight metal, Shutterfly's stickable photo tiles let you stick, rearrange, and restick your pictures without any hassle. Whether you're looking for an exciting piece of wall art or searching for a memorable gift, photo tiles are a perfect choice.


        To get started on creating your new piece of custom wall decor, browse through our vast collection of personalized photo tiles. Upload pictures of your best memories — vacation pictures, wedding portraits, and candid snapshots- are perfect candidates for choosing what to showcase on your walls. Choose unique templates that speak to you and customize your photo tile's size and colors to complement your home perfectly. Whether you stack two or create a gallery wall out of a group of prints, stickable photo tiles give you the creative freedom to decorate your walls in any way you like.

        Create Unique Photo Gifts for Friends and Family

        Photo tiles made of special memories make excellent gifts to share with loved ones. Whether you're celebrating their birthday, the holidays, or any special occasion, a collection of photo tiles is the perfect gift idea. The hassle-free piece of custom wall art gives your recipient the ability to decorate their walls with no commitment necessary. For more gifts that showcase their favorite photo prints, consider designing canvas prints or making a photo book as special keepsakes they'll cherish for years to come.

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