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        These cloth face masks are designed to cover your nose and mouth to slow the spread of pathogens. They are especially useful for environments where social distancing may be difficult, such as in a grocery store, pharmacy, school, or other public settings. The filter opening provides you with the option of an added layer of protection. To maximize safety, these cloth face masks should be used in conjunction with other healthy practices such as social distancing, avoiding touching your face, and regularly washing your hands.

        For every face mask bought, Shutterfly will donate one to the Feeding America® network of food banks. So the impact of your choice to be safe will be doubled.


        These cloth face masks come with multiple features that contribute to your comfort. Their blend of 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester provides an excellent combination of breathability and a lightweight feel. The elastic ear loops effortlessly stretch to fit the mask snugly to your face without too much pull on your ears. The 7” x 4” flat dimensions allow these cloth face masks to fit most — safety is great for all sizes.

        Reusable Cloth Face Masks

        These reusable cloth face masks are environmentally friendly and cost-effective. A quick wash after every use is all you need to continue wearing the face mask, providing you with a longer lifetime than disposable face masks. Detailed use and care instructions are also included with each mask — knowing how to care for reusable face masks provides you with the opportunity to further extend the life of your masks with proper use and care. Reusable cloth face masks are a great, money-saving alternative to disposable face masks, especially if you wear masks regularly.